Our Mission

Founded in 2014, RobotsNOW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sponsors, mentors and advocates for after-school STEM programs in underserved elementary and middle schools.  

We do this by:

  • Sponsoring after-school robotics programs, clubs and teams at elementary and middle schools
  • Hosting free week-long robotics camps during the summer to help students build confidence in STEM fields
  • Assisting teachers incorporate robotics into their STEM curriculum to make both relevant and fun
  • Facilitating STEM Virtual Camps and online activities
  • Hosting free week-long CyberPatriot CYBERCAMPS for elementary and middle school students

27 | 20

US Students recently finished 27th in math and 20th in science among industrialized nations.

Both in-class and after-school robotics programs make STEM learning both relevant and fun.


Less than 15% of US elementary and middle schools have after-school STEM programs.

The cost to resource an entire robotics club is about the same as outfitting a single football player.


In a recent survey, 40% of California 1st-5th Grade teachers stated their students receive 1 hour or less per week in science.

After-school STEM programs augment in school learning.

Raising after-school STEM education awareness

RobotsNOW advocates for after-school STEM programs by lobbying political figures, performing demonstrations and social outreach

Inspiring kids through fun, hands-on STEM activities

RobotsNOW offers free robotics worksops, hosts summer camps and sponsors after-school STEM programs to provide kids with a fun way to explore STEM fields

Students provided access to after-school STEM programs


Donations support students through clubs, school "STEM labs," & camps

Dollars in Robotics equipment donated to schools, clubs and teams


“I guess I’m good at math and science, after all.”

–RobotsNOW Camp Student at the end of summer camp

Many US students believe that STEM fields are too hard to pursue.   RobotsNOW helps build confidence in STEM!

Why Robots?  

Building and programming robots incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields in a fun hands-on way that kids love!

Using a familiar snap-together building platform, kids learn STEM while having fun!

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PLEASE READ—Points of Light Award

PLEASE READ—Points of Light Award

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Our Impact

We greatly appreciate all the support RobotsNOW has provided us over the past few years. It is with your help and guidance that we have been able to build our robotics program.

-- Public School STEM Director

It is programs such as yours that will keep our students competitive in today’s fast paced world.

-- School Board Chairman

THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!   I can’t believe that I actually built a robot! 

-- RobotsNOW Camp Student

There is no better time to change the world than right now.


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