About Us

Why robotsNOW?

I have participated in various robotics camps, clubs and competitions since 3rd  Grade.  Robotics has taught me how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can be used in exciting and meaningful ways.   Through robotics competitions, I have met a lot of new friends, learned how to work as a team and developed a true passion for engineering.  In early 2014, my younger brother, Chandler, and I belonged to a team that won 1st Place in Robotics Skills/Performance at the VEX IQ World Championships in Anaheim, CA. The VEX Robotics Challenge had over 10,000 teams from across the globe.   Great news for robotics, right?  WRONG!  There are over 125,000 elementary and secondary schools in the USA!  The overwhelming majority of our schools lack sufficient robotics exposure and learning infrastructure to field a single 3-7 person robotics team.  In a country that put a man on the moon that is unacceptable.  Chandler and I are lucky because our school has a robotics program and our community has the Mclean Robotics Institute.  We founded robotsNOW to help bring robotics to schools that lack the awareness or resources to implement robotics learning opportunities either in the classroom or as an extra-curricular program.  We founded robotsNOW to make a difference. Will you help us?


Gabriel Wimmer, Co-Founder

Gabriel Wimmer has been active in competitive robotics since he was 8 years old, holding over a dozen regional, state and world championship awards. Presently, he attends Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and is very active in the school’s CyberPatriot and Rocketry teams. His CyberPatriot Team is a Virginia State Champion and National Finalist. Gabriel aspires to combine his two passions, cyber security and robotics, by seeking a career making autonomous systems more secure. He enjoys science, entrepreneurship, skiing, scuba diving, kayaking and “tinkering” with every kind of electronics possible. He literally has a satellite dish connected to his computer!


Chandler Wimmer, Co-Founder

Chandler Wimmer was building with Legos before he could walk. He is, without question, the family’s resident inventor! To prove this point, Chandler came in 2nd Place in the national Toy 2.0 Competition, where he invented a 3-dimensional strategy game, called Maneuver. Hopefully, it will be coming to a store near you! Chandler presently attends Nysmith School and is very active in Boys Scouts. He is also an avid epee fencer and routinely fences in national-level competitions. Recently, he was selected as a member of TEAM USA to represent the United States at the Pan Am Youth Fencing Championships. Chandler has entrepreneurial aspirations and is hoping to pursue a career in business.