The UPS truck just delivered a PARTIAL delivery of robotsNOW’s first order! In this stash, there are VEX IQ Robotics Super Kits, 2014-2015 VEX IQ Competition Kits and VEX IQ Robot Terrain/Courses. That is a lot of robotics booty! For all of you making orders on the VEX website, the company is starting to catch up with their back orders.

vex boxes
What’s really exciting about this shipment is that each one of these kits already has a home! Over the next several weeks, robotsNOW will be working with several elementary schools to start after-school robotics programs! I’ll talk more about this later, but I just wanted to show what a little hard work and some very generous donations from YOU can do! If everyone just gave a little, then our nation’s schools would have just as many robotics teams as football teams! Our nation is facing a STEM crisis and not a professional football player crisis! Of course, Washington Redskin fans may disagree.