While this isn’t robots, per se, I believe it fits our theme of fun STEM activities. CyberPatriots is a new cyber security competition that allows its participants to experience real-world cyber security challenges and work to solve them from the perspective of an organizations IT department.  The competition covers several different sectors of the cyber security field, from networking to setting up and securing servers. The CyberPatriots website provides all the information you need to get started!  The site will walk you through the process to start a team, provide a baseline level of cyber security knowledge and information sources to further hone your skills!  

I’ve been participating in the competition for two years and have learned so much!  This past season, we came in First Place in Virginia and were selected as one of the 12 National Finalists from thousands of teams.  During the National Finals in Baltimore, Maryland, we were treated like VIPs!  We were given tours at NSA…If I tou treatment by 2 in the US which let us go on to the National Finals. My team and I all had a great time at the finals in Baltimore. We got to meet other teams from around the country. My favorite part of the final was that they had a team of dedicated hackers working against you and you had to keep them locked out of your system.  Below is my CyberPatriot Team.