Gabriel and I have tried to keep our woefully neglected blog 100% professional, but I’m going to bend the rules a little with this post.  Gabriel recently left for college at UC Berkeley.  He’s excited and I’m excited for him.  He was accepted into their Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology (M.E.T.) Program where he will be concurrently pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the College of Engineering and a B.S. in Business from the Haas Business School.  The program is designed to “fast track” graduates to become Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs.  Gabriel couldn’t be a better fit.  And, I’m really happy for him.  I’m also a bit sad to see him go.

Not only is he my business partner for RobotsNOW and Remain Prepared LLC, he’s also my “big brother.”  He’s helped and taught me more than he’ll ever know.  I’m not sure our parents appreciate EVERYTHING he’s taught me, though!  🙂  As business partners, we couldn’t be a better team.  We perfectly complement each other.  I’m usually the one with crazy ideas, “jumping” before I know where I’m going to land.  He’s the “detail guy” who keeps us on track and out of jail!  Although we divided the work evenly between us, I wouldn’t be forthcoming if I didn’t admit that I asked for his advice more than just a little bit.

Pursuing not one, but TWO, degrees at college, Gabriel will not be able to remain involved in RobotsNOW on a daily basis.  Fortunately, he has agreed to remain an Adviser to RobotsNOW…probably because he knows that I need all of the help I can get!  🙂   Now that I’m filling the void that his absence has created, I’m learning just how much of RobotsNOW he was.  I promise to lead RobotsNOW to the best of my ability.  I make this promise to the students in under-served areas who desperately need STEM after-school programs.  I also promise my big brother that I won’t let him down.

If you see Gabriel walking around campus, please wish him good luck (and tell him to not skip his 8am class!)  You may also want to thank him for everything he has done to make RobotsNOW a success.  Without question, Gabriel is directly responsible for significantly changing the futures of many kids.

Thank you, Gabe.