A few people have been asking me about my Toy 2.0 design after my brother dimed me out that I was going to enter the contest on a previous blog post.  Just to let you know, I was selected as one of the ten Finalists for the Competition and got to work with a mentor over the Summer to help me refine my toy design.  My mentor was Rustom Meyer.  He is a Cornell graduate and an engineer.  Saying that he is super smart is redundant!  He had some great ideas.  Here is an article from the Washington Post about the Finalists:


My invention is like 3-dimensional “checkers.” Instead of “telling” people about my invention, I thought that I’d SHOW it to you!  The video is not the best quality, but you can get the picture how to play.

And this video is an “infomercial” that also can be used as blackmail material for my little brother!  I recommend turning down your computer’s volume before playing.

UPDATE:  I thought I’d let everyone know how the competition ended.  There were some incredible toy designs and I’m really proud of winning SECOND PLACE!  The top 3 toys are being reviewed and considered for production and marketing by Innovation First, the company that co-sponsored the competition.   –Chandler