Our Work

Developing a passion for STEM through robotics clubs and team-based robotics competitions!

Nearly every statistic suggests that our students are under-performing much of the industrialized world in STEM education. Sadly, there are no shortcuts to address these challenges. The solution must start with making elementary school students excited to pursue STEM activities. Robotics incorporates all STEM subjects in a fun, hands on way, providing a perfect medium to achieve this goal.

RobotsNOW sponsors, mentors and sources robotics programs during and after school to provide young students with a fun, relevant introduction to STEM activities.

We do this by:

  • Assisting elementary schools develop robotics curriculum to help make STEM learning both relevant and fun.
  • Sponsoring after-school robotics programs, clubs and teams to provide students an opportunity to experience STEM activities in a fun, hands on way. 
  • Hosting free week-long robotics camps during the summer to inspire young engineers and to help build confidence in STEM fields. 

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