In 2014, RobotsNOW became a reality because two kids had a dream and received a staggering amount of help from more people than can be easily counted. Our father helped with the legal requirements. Principals and teachers trusted us not to waste their student’s time. STEM event planners gave us space and a chance to present our story. Countless School Board Members and business executives have shared their time with us to hear our vision. People like you generously donated your hard-earned money and trusted us to do something good with it.

Each RobotsNOW success has followed a somewhat similar pattern. Gabriel and I would have some naive and overly ambitious idea for RobotsNOW and because of YOUR help, these ideas have become reality.

  • We decided to sponsor robotics clubs and donations came in to buy the equipment. Parents and teachers volunteered to lead the clubs. Students joined.
  • We decided to sponsor a VEX IQ Robotics Team and parents trusted my dad and I to coach their children. The team worked incredibly hard and had a fun, successful season!
  • We decided to host summer robotics camps and schools enabled us to have the most rewarding experiences of our lives.
  • We decided to host Teacher Workshops and teachers actually attended! I’m still baffled that they’d want to listen to a couple of kids!
  • We thought mobile robotics labs could reach more students and YOU generously donated to make these labs a reality.

Gabriel and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the fun aspects of running RobotsNOW while others do much of the unseen work. We come up with crazy ideas and shamelessly ask for your support. You have always provided it. I highlight all these things because we are also unfairly singled out for recognition.

My brother and I were both recently awarded our nation’s most prestigious award for service and volunteerism, the President George H. W. Bush Points of Light Award. We accepted these awards, on behalf of RobotsNOW, because neither of us earned them. RobotsNOW earned these awards.

In 2014, we started RobotsNOW because we knew that we were just kids. We couldn’t make a difference, but we believed RobotsNOW could. RobotsNOW includes all of us. There’s still so much more left to do, but I wanted to share with you a recognition that belongs more to you than to Gabriel and me.

Thank you and congratulations for being recognized with the Points of Light Award for YOUR incredible contribution to RobotsNOW’s accomplishments! You have provided thousands of students with access to fun, hands-on STEM programs. Now, let’s get back to work! 😊

Again, thank you!