This summer, I not only had an opportunity to see how robotics were used in real-world applications, I also got to help push the bounds of how robotics may be employed, supporting our military! This summer, I was an intern supporting Analytic Strategies, an analytics company that supports the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

I was selected as a High School Intern to support one of the company’s Defense Logistics Agency contracts, called Warehouse Automation and Robotics Exploration Project (WAREP). The contract title says it all!  Since the contract required a security clearance, I could not directly support the contract. Instead, I performed independent, unclassified research and analyses in parallel with the classified work being performed.

Due to security classification concerns, I don’t know how, if at all, my work may be incorporated. However, I do know that my contributions sparked a lot of interest in the company’s business development department and my report is being considered Company Proprietary!

I know this post sounds like a “what I did last summer” report, but I wanted to share my experience to let people know that there are a lot of career opportunities in robotics!  Doing this internship really opened my eyes regarding the current and future potential of robotics.  Logistics is just one area where robotics is growing exponentially.