This week was so much fun!  We hosted robotsNOW inaugural robotics camp in Bristol, VA.  We had 25 rising 5th graders attend, and based upon the robots I saw, there were definitely some future engineers in the camp!  During our camp, we learned about:

  • Exciting educational and career opportunities in robotics and other STEM fields
  • The Engineering Design Process
  • Designing gear ratios to alter speed and torque
  • Programming sensors to support requirements

But it wasn’t all work!  Our campers also had an opportunity to:

  • Design and build robots to include the massive VEX IQ CLAWBOT!
  • Drive their robots through obstacle courses
  • Race their robots…and learn how gear ratios really work!
  • Test their sensors
  • Try the VEX IQ Robotics Competition Challenge!
  • Build a tower (with weird stuff) to practice using the Engineering Design Process

Interviewing Mr. Rader, the Bristol Elementary School Principal…and robotics enthusiast!

Chandler and I also met with the Bristol Public School Superintendent, STEM Director, Student Services Director, multiple principals (middle and elementary school levels) and various STEM teachers.  They were ALL excited about the potential of robotics at their schools.  The kids were even more excited.  Nearly every kid asked if their school was going to start a robotics club next year because they wanted to join.    The answer, right now, is ‘no’ because of budget constraints.

Chandler and I are working on a plan to do something about this…