As the title suggests, the STEM Symposium was a total blast! I must admit that I was a little nervous during my presentation, but I believe that robotsNOW and its mission were well received. People were really engaged and asked a ton of questions! I was actually hoarse when I left.
I’m also excited by how many people took time from their busy schedules to attend. There were a lot of people there…both young and old. I heard that there were over 2,500 attendees! If you missed this year’s event, then I strongly recommend that you do whatever you can to attend next year.
I also got a chance to meet Senator Kaine. I was impressed by just how “normal” he was. He seemed like a regular guy who happens to be extremely committed to STEM education and one of the most influential people in our country! He was the keynote speaker among a long list of some very impressive folks. He said that STEM education was a critical component to our Nation’s success. I couldn’t agree more.
I’m sure that you’d rather see photos of the event than read my ramblings so here they are.

I got to meet Senator Kaine…He’s a really nice person.


Attendees packed the house for the 2015 K-12 STEM Symposium


Leidos did a great job sponsoring this event and had some really interesting displays!