On April 25th, my brothers and I attended the Toy 2.0 Launch at the KID Museum Idea Lab! The place was packed! There were literally hundreds of kids working on their toy inventions! Mr Bob Mimlitch, the co-founder of Innovation First, officially launched the competition. He also provided an interesting presentation about how his company designs and invents toys. It’s amazing how much work went into making the Hexbug! His presentation included an ultra-slow motion video how the Hexbug really works. Very interesting.
Now this is the crazy part…I was invited to have dinner with Mr Mimlitch because of my robotics connections! He is really nice and incredibly smart!

Hanging out with Mr. Mimlitch!

In case you missed our previous post, the Toy 2.0 Contest is a national toy invention competition where the winner may have their toy marketed and produced by Mr Mimlitch’s company, Innovation First. The first round of judging is in July.