Engineers and STEM Professionals Overcome Challenges

We have some good new and bad news.  First, the bad news…All RobotsNOW in-person programs have been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I was forced to cancel all 2020 summer robotics camps, teacher STEM workshops and robotics demonstrations.  Sadly, I am NOT rescheduling these activities in 2021 until we have a globally available vaccine.  We must all do our part to control this pandemic by being responsible and safe.  

Now, the good news…RobotsNOW is coming to YOU!  Engineers and STEM professionals are great at overcoming problems and that is exactly what we’re doing!  If you can’t come to a RobotsNOW camp, then we’ll take the RobotsNOW camp to you!  You guessed it!  RobotsNOW is providing VIRTUAL CAMPS and STEM ACTIVITIES online!  

WATCH FIRST! About Our Virtual Programs

STEM Camp—Tower of Zoom!

The Tower of Doom activities (renamed in honor of how we’ve hosted this camp using Zoom) is one of our most popular activities! This activity requires NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT OR MATERIAL. Any normal household “stuff” will work. In fact, the challenge completely changes when you use different material, so you can re-do this activity over and over…and it changes each time, depending upon your building material! This activity takes about 1.5 hours to do the first build activity. If you do the two recommended additional projects, then this activity can take up to 3 hours. Again, EVERYBODY CAN DO THIS PROJECT!

VEX IQ Robotics Camp—Robotics Fundamentals

Although a VEX IQ Robotics kit is required to build the activities within this camp, many “virtual campers” still enjoy watching and learning! Although building robots is fun, you do NOT need to have a VEX IQ Robotics Kit to have a blast and learn a lot from this virtual camp!